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Luxury Travel in Greenland

There’s an old traveller’s adage – “when you’ve been everywhere else, there’s always Greenland…”  This may be harsh, as Greenland has always had significant appeal for those who are adventurous of heart, and has appeared on the traveller’s radar more and more in recent years.  But can it appeal to those looking for luxury adventure?

As they say ... When You've Been Everywhere Else, there's Always Greenland…

We are off on another adventure, and this one is a little off the beaten path – we are heading to Greenland & The Faroe Islands…

Why Greenland? – No, we haven't been "everywhere" else.  Though we are working on it!

But with its vast untouched landscapes, epic ice-cap, towering icebergs and calving glaciers, plus a smattering of truly unique lodges, it looks like an awe-inspiring destination.

And why the Faroe Islands? – because they just look amazing!