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D.O.M. Gastronomia Brasileira, Sao Paulo, Brazil

D.O.M. was first opened in 1999, and has been on the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants since 2006.  Head Chef Alex Atala is credited with spearheading the emergence of Brazilian cuisine onto the world food stage over the last 20 years, exalting the use of traditional Brazilian ingredients and techniques in contemporary cooking. 

Unique Food & Unique Accommodation in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Our Brazilian adventure begins - and to reach our target destinations, we are first travelling via the Countries biggest city, Sao Paulo. It is a bustling, gritty megacity of some 12 million people, known more for its traffic jams than its tourist attractions, but we are under no illusions – we are here for the food! 

Stopover in Santiago - Where to Stay, Where to Eat

After years of making multiple connections by the skin of our teeth, or, more disappointingly, overnighting in the nondescript airline-appointed transit hotel when being bumped onto the subsequent day’s flight, we have finally accepted this as a South American reality, and factored in a stress-alleviating overnight stay in Santiago on our inbound and outbound legs.  We recommend you do the same, and here’s how best to spend your time…