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The Havannah, Efate, Vanuatu

The Havannah is Vanuatu’s most stylish adults-only resort, nestled on the waters of Havannah Harbour on Efate’s western coast. Here, watch the sun set over the islands of Lelepa and Moso, with cocktail in hand at their barefoot bar.

Rockwater Resort, Tanna, Vanuatu

Vanuatu’s newest resort, Rockwater Resort, has taken the standard of accommodation on the island of Tanna to a whole new level. Charming, eclectic and exceptionally comfortable, it is the lodging of first choice when visiting Tanna and of course Mount Yasur Volcano.

Mt Yasur Volcano, Vanuatu - How to Get There

Mount Yasur Volcano is a wonder of nature - an opportunity to get up close and personal with a very active volcano. It is a thrilling experience - visceral and surreal. But despite its accessibility, it is not yet well visited, with only a small number of tourists venturing here each year. Read this article to find out how to be among the few to have experienced this amazing spectacle… 

Why Visit Vanuatu's Mt Yasur Volcano

Mount Yasur Volcano, on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu, is one of the world’s most accessible active volcanos.  It is an amazing natural phenomenon, awe-inspiring in its power and proclivity, and yet somehow (fortuitously) it has not yet become the tourist mecca that it deserves to be.  In our journey to Vanuatu, visiting Mount Yasur Volcano proved to be the highlight of our trip…

Destination Vanuatu

The tropical islands of the Pacific have long been a magnet for travellers – swaying coconut palms, aquamarine lagoons, balmy weather and chic beachside resorts.  Trying to choose between them is an exercise in pleasant futility – all are enticing and appeal in a multitude of ways.  But for our recent sojourn in the South Pacific, the combination of beach-combing bliss plus a healthy dose of adventure, including the opportunity to visit the world’s most accessible active volcano, swayed us in favour of Vanuatu…